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FORMI: Integrating Fragmented Objects into Java RMI

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FORMI is an extension of Java RMI. FORMI supports fragmented objects similar to Aspectix. FORMI's fragmented objects smoothly integrate into Java RMI. Clients of such objects need not even install the FORMI middleware in advance. Furthermore RMI objects and FORMI objects are not different to clients. FORMI comes with a stub generator that creates the fragment infrastructure and allows easier implementation of fragments.

An overview of FORMI can be found in the 4th International Workshop on Adaptative and Reflective Middleware (ARM05) Proceedings.

Note that FORMI is work in process. The current version is an alpha release, not intended for use outside of the academic work. In future versions we are planning to join the Aspectix (CORBA-based) approach with the FORMI (RMI-based) approach via some bridging mechanisms.

FORMI is distributed under the Lesser GNU Public License. Send bug reports and comments to formi@aspectix.org.

Zugeordnete Veröffentlichungen

Rüdiger Kapitza, Michael Kirstein, Holger Schmidt, Franz J. Hauck: FORMI: An RMI Extension for Adaptive Applications. In Proc. of the 4th Workshop on Adaptive and Reflective Middleware (Grenoble, France, 28 Nov 2005); ACM Digital Library, 2005 [PDF][Postscript]

Kapitza, Rüdiger ; Domaschka, Jörg ; Hauck, Franz J. ; Reiser, Hans P. ; Schmidt, Holger: FORMI: Integrating Adaptive Fragmented Objects into Java RMI; IEEE Distributed Systems Online 7(3) (2006), Nr. 10, S. art. no. 0610-ox001 [PDF][Postscript]

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[*] Download Version 0.9-alpha (gzipped tar file, 1.73 MB, 2006-05-24)

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