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Aspectix Research Group

Aspectix is a joint research group of Ulm University, Institute of Distributed Systems, and the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Department of Computer Sciences 4, headed by Prof. Franz J. Hauck. The Aspectix group works on several projects that focus on on middleware architecture, adaptive and quality-of-service-aware applications, fault tolerance, aspect-oriented programming, and automated source-code transformation.

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Current Aspectix Projects

Aspectix ORB The Aspectix middleware core: a flexible middleware architecture for adaptable and QoS-aware distributed objects, supporting the fragmented object model.
FTflex Support for fault-tolerant replication in the Aspectix middleware
FOFT: Flexible development of replicated application based on semantic annotations and fragmented objects
AGC: The Aspectix Group Communication System: efficient and reconfigurable total-order group communication based on distributed consensus algorithms.
ADETS: Deterministic thread scheduling in replicated objects
EDAS The Environment for Distributed, Adaptive Services: a management platform for dynamic decentralised cross-domain resource management with support for scalability and fault tolerance.
FORMI The Java RMI extension for fragmented objects
ADK Composition of Source Code Transformations

Finished Aspectix Projects

Aspectix-Policy Policy-Driven Application Design

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