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Project Description


AspectIX: A Platform for Decentralised and Autonomous Adaptive Services

The core of the AspectIX project is its middleware architecture, which is designed to support adaptive and QoS-aware distributed objects. The CORBA-compliant ORB uses a fragmented object model. [...more information on the middleware core]

The Environment for Distributed, Adaptive Services (EDAS) is a self-organising platform, which enables automatic management of resources and dynamic creation and migration of services. We analyse techniques for autonomous adaption to varying load, service requirements and available hardware. Furthermore, security and trustworthiness issues are analysed.

The framework for fault-tolerant distributed services (FTDS) supports tault tolerance within the AspectIX platform. This framework provides a flexible replication layer that may be configured for various fault-tolerance techniques ranging from simple master/slave replication to Byzantine fault tolerance. FTDS-based applications can be configured to match application-specific requirements, and allow reconfiguration at run time.

Flexible source-code transformations support the development of autonomous distributed applications. Our work focuses on the reusability and composability of source-code transformations.

As a sample application, a versioning system similar to CVS is being developed. In addition to a simple, centralised variant, it supports a locally replicated variant as well a fully decentralised implementation based on a dynamic peer-to-peer network. This system is built to demonstrate the properties of fault folterance and dynamic adaption to load and available resources.

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