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Policy-Enabled Design

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Project Description
Middleware Core
Policy-Enabled Design

Policy-Enabled Application Design


To address scalability, AspectIX introduces the notion of policy-enabled systems. Strategic decisions are mapped to policy rules and mechanisms which have to be strictly separated from each other.

A policy decision engine considers rules from object developers, application and domain administrator, and users to find a decision that has to be executed by the object. With allowing external entities to influence object-internal decisions in a controlled way, we gain administrative scalability. Additionally, the strict separation of policies and mechanisms supports reuse and facilitates maintenance and system management.

Related References

2001 Erich Meier: Administrative Skalierbarkeit Verteilter Systeme. Dissertation, Feb. 2001

Hans Reiser: Design und Implementierung eines fehlertoleranten Regelspeichers für die politikfähige AspectIX-Architektur. Diplomarbeit, DA-I4-01-07, Apr. 2001

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