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Team and Contact
Prof. Dr. Franz J. Hauck
Jörg Domaschka
Hans P. Reiser
Rüdiger Kapitza
Holger Schmidt
Andreas I. Schmied

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Student Contributors

    Markus Friedl First Design Study of the AspectIX Prototype
    Axel Nerlich IDL Parser for IDLflex
    Gerhard Müller AspectIX Prototype of the Fragment Architecture
    Andrea Nenni Code transformation tool for developing distributed objects
    Wolfgang Kroworsch Basic services for Byzantine fault tolerance
    Guido Söldner Integration of fault-tolerant active replication
    Hans Löhr Group Communication Framework
    Udo Bartlang Consensus Service: Generic Paxos Implemention
    Thomas Bestfleisch Deterministic Multithreading in Replicated Objects

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