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IDLflex: A flexible and generic IDL compiler

IDLflex is the AspectIX IDL compiler. IDLflex is very flexible as it allows to program the output of the compiler.

Usually, for each CORBA IDL language mapping, for every version of a particular language mapping, and for every CORBA implementation, the generated code of an IDL compiler has to be different. Typically many different compilers have to be programmed because the code generation is usually hard-wired into a compiler. IDLflex is a generic IDL compiler which is able to generate arbitrary code for arbitrary languages. Only a mapping program written in an XML-based mapping language and a language-specific utility class have to be provided. Thus, IDLflex can be adapted to another language, another mapping or to another ORB implementation in a very fast way. Furthermore, IDLflex allows to easily integrate additional functionality into a CORBA-based system, as it was done within the AspectIX middleware project.

An overview of IDLflex can be found in the Technical Report TR-I4-01-08.

The developement of IDLflex is not yet complete. So, the current version number 1.2.0 is a bit euphemistic (a beta version number may be more appropriate). However, this distribution can already be used for testing and experimenting with IDLflex.

IDLflex is distributed under the GNU Public License. Send bug reports and comments to

[*] Download Version 1.2.0 (gzipped tar file, 3.4MB, 2003-11-10)

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