New Methods of Working for
Information Society Technologies Programme
Promotion to Commonwealth of Independent States


The important objective of WISTCIS is to accelerate emergence and further development of telematics activities in the seven European CIS countries creating in this way a huge new potential market for IST products. Pursuing this objective WISTCIS will facilitate new working contacts between the producers of IST telematics products in the countries of European Union and participating organizations in the CIS countries. Such contacts will be deployed by the project into efficient East-West target-oriented working teams. New methods of work will be implemented for these teams to embed them into real environment of the Information Society. Thus WISTCIS is directly related with IST Programme as a whole, as well as with its key action (ii) "New methods of work and electronic commerce". The project also contributes to three other key actions. WISTCIS significantly contributes to expansion of IST Programme on huge community of the seven European CIS countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time, WISTCIS project is closely related with several concrete IST projects such as CoBrow collaborative browsing toolkit developed by University of Ulm, Germany.

Collaborative Browsing User Agent for EU-CIS Teamwork

Presence Awareness lets people realize who else is around. In the web context Presence Awareness allows people to ‘see’ each other while they are browsing the same web page or web site. This fundamental property of Presence Awareness enables ad-hoc communication of people and also more substantial communication since people with similar interests meet on the same web locations.

When installed at IDCs it will ease the getting in touch between people from EU and CIS working in research, education, business or just between people who are simply browsing the web for fun. This is because presence awareness provides for encounters similarly like in the real world.

The new Collaborative Browsing User Agent differs in some aspects from CoBrow:

Sample Screen Shots

There are two ways to log on to the Collaborative Browsing User Agent. The first one is used by people who have already registerd, the second one is for those who use the system for the first time.

Log on Window

Registration Window

After log on the main window appears which displays all users browsing the same web page as well as the chat history. At the text field labeled 'Say' a chat message can be typed which is send to all users viewing the same web page.

Main Window

By opening the context menu of a user and selecting option 'display user's info' a user's properties are displayed. By selecting option 'send a message to user' a window pops up which requests a private message which is only send to the corresponding user.

User Context Menu

User Properties Window

Private Chat Window

The main menu offers help and displays own properties. It is possible to change own properties.

Main Menu

Help Window

Own Properties Window

More Information

The WISTCIS homepage offers full information about the project's background, participants, workshops and conferences.